Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Safari Time

Just south of Dakar by about 60km, there is the 40 sq km reserve, Reserve de Bandia. It was established in the 90's and is growing. During our trip through the park, we saw giraffes, a pair of rhinos (although they were hard to see, we did get within 15-20 feet of them), various antelopes, lots of different brightly coloured birds, zebras, monkeys, turtles and crocodiles. Brendan loved the trip and gets really excited whenever he tells us about his day at the reserve.

This is us outside the turtle area at the end of the trip.

Going for a walk to see the giraffes. There was a huge baobab here that we looked too, apparently a thousand years hold and final resting place of at least 125 people. We could see skulls and various bones in the hollow depths inside. Eerie.

Tadhg and mum with the zebras in the background.

Zebras were the newest addition to the park.

Checking out the giraffes.

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