Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn days

This is most definitely my favourite time of year. Here's what we were up to yesterday. the weather was perfect and we've settled back into normal life at home.
Picked some flowers from the garden for our table. Including the last of the dahlias from Grandad that we planted way back when and then watched as they grew.Tadhg had a ball climbing all over this thing. He's close to walkin' and talkin'. He'll copy some syllables and says what sounds like cat and dada. And he walks holding one or both hands. It's almost happening too quickly!
Smelling the sweet peas. mmmmmmmmm
Sweet peas on the kitchen table.
And a yummy lunch of pita pizzas and salad. Actually this was the day after when it was a stormy, rainy day outside. Which is why we are still in our pjs.

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