Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From The Big City To A Small Fishing Village

Once we landed in Dakar, we quickly decided that we wanted to get out of the big city. Beach time sounded good and instead of hitting a big resort, we decided to spend a couple of nights in the small fishing village of Toubab Dialaw.

Having dinner at the Soba Bade, a cliff-top sea-side restaurant. Brendan running around as usual and Tadhg passed out for a nap.

Playing on the terrace.

Bring the boats back in after a day of fishing. The catch is sorted and sold right on the beach.

Going for a walk around the cliffs with B.

It was really fun watching the boats being launched through the surf. In the two days there, I saw 3 boats get swamped and dragged back to shore.

Siobhan and T on the terrace with the fishing boats and beach in the background.

Siobhan back in her element bargaining for jewelery.

Having some play and naked time in the room while hiding from the mid-day sun.

Having a banana on the terrace.

Some breakfast before a busy day.

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