Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rainforest cookies

One last post before we head off on our trip. I thought I'd share this candid photo taken last week as it's a good snapshot showing some typical behaviours these days... a baby on the floor (though now she's already crawling and sitting up and even kneeling up by herself) a 4 year old on the bunker with his hands in the food and the food all over himself and a 6 year old reading. In this case a recipe for Rainforest cookies from a library book, but he's always reading. And drawing. And writing. Definitely a thinker.

We're all packed for Costa Rica. We've managed two rucksacks, each with some spare room and two small daypacks. Brendan also insisted on taking his own little bag so we'll see how that goes. All in all it's a little more than I was hoping to take but not too bad considering we now have three kiddos.

Off to bed. Taxi's coming at 4am!

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