Monday, October 14, 2013

PEI... the day trips

We did very little exploring by car on PEI.
On one day we drove to the Greenwich dunes part of the National Park, did a couple of interpretation activities in the visitor centre and signed up for the explorers booklet, then did a short bike ride on a trail in the area. Pizza (all the boys) and lobster roll (mama) for lunch out and then went to the Dalvay area. The activities were a little easier than at Fundy National Park so the boys were able to complete the booklet and then  meet up with an interpreter to be "awarded" their explorer tags

A few adjustments.

Brendan could have stayed here all day. He LOVED looking through this telescope at the opposite bank of the estuary, the lighthouse on the point, the dunes, the huge flock of unidentifiable birds in the shallow water and especially the fishing boats working the oyster or mussel beds in the bay. He was thrilled that he could see detail inside the boats' steering cabins or whatever they are called.

They had to talk through the activities they had completed and tell the Park man what they had learned before getting their explorer tags. Very sweet.

Another short trip on a different day took the boys out on a search to find Siobhan after she had walked as far as she could along the beach. Afterwards we went to the East Point Lighthouse and had a wander around and a snack lunch there.

In the lighthouse. Siobhan didn't go up- lighthouses just bring back painful memories of GCSE Maths coursework.

Don't know where this was and I wasn't there but it looks like a great climbing tree for wee kids!

Before coming to PEI we had heard about this spot where the tide causes a strong current through this channel and that you could swim in it. Sure enough when we arrived there were a few teenage kids doing flips off this bridge but Steve took a more gingerly swim along the with the current- right under a previously unnoticed sign which read something along the lines of "Dangerous currents. Do not swim here" Ah well.

 We went on this short train ride, counting wooden cut outs of animals as we went. Perfect for young kids. And joker fathers...

Help! Rescue me!

On yet another day we went to find the inlet at the other end of our lagoon. Here the boys found this eroding dune with great long roots hanging down and they "abseiled" and climbed to their hearts' content.

And just one final one of this sweetheart. So happy and easy going.

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