Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog try out

Our friends were heading off on holiday so we looked after their dog for ten days. Floyd is a perfectly behaved, gorgeously scruffy wee dog who is so friendly and good with kids. Just what we'd be hoping for if we were ever to bring a dog into the family. His only naughty habit was getting food off the table or kitchen bunker. One morning, when returning after rushing out to school without properly tidying up the breakfast or the lunch making stuff, I was greeted by a guilty looking Floyd, a sausage package on the living room floor and a shredded shreddies package on the kitchen floor. He had eaten the lot... a third of a box of shreddies and 8 turkey sausages. Thankfully he didn't suffer any tummy nastiness, though he may have felt a bit tubbier to his owners when they got home.

Floyd kept his distance from Belle for the first couple of days, as she would hiss a little if he got too close. Over time though they both relaxed until they could walk right by each other without paying any attention.

So maybe a dog one day, if we feel settled enough some time. But for now, we are happy with our Belle and she is the perfect cat- happy and playful and chilled out, and most importantly, able to tolerate these shenanigans...

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