Monday, March 18, 2013



These boys are so good to each other and love each other so much, it makes me teary sometimes when I witness those special moments of closeness and kindness that happen regularly. I love that they have each other and have so much fun to look forward to in the future.
Tadhg looks up to Brendan and naturally tries to imitate a lot of what he does. If Brendan says something interesting, Tadhg will immediately say something similar, though often it's half nonsense. Brendan reads to Tadhg and will help him with tricky things. They make each other laugh constantly.
I could stop there and pretend that this is the 'whole' truth, but I should also note (as a reminder of reality and to prevent selective memory in the future!) that, of course, they can also wind each other up something rotten! There is a fair share of jealousy, competition, frustration, 'button-pushing' and, rarely, a bit of violence. And although those moments drive mum and dad up the wall at times, when I really think about it, peace and cooperation far outweigh the tension. Lucky boys.

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