Sunday, January 20, 2013

sew finally

I've finally started sewing again! I've spent months moving my fabric stash from one place to another and back again, then a couple of weeks looking at the new sewing machine and flicking through some great sewing books from the library, then a week rearranging furniture because I just could not start sewing without an organized space... and, now, finally, at long last, and with many thanks to our friend for having her seventh birthday just at the right time, the sewing machine has been whirring and the kids have been having a go.
And I'm loving it. Baby sewing next!

Some almost finished pieces. The one on the red eventually became a little stuffed cushion.

Happy guinea pigs- I'm trying out a few options before hopefully doing some sewing with the little ones in Brendan and Tadhg's classes at school. This helped me work out how to organize it to make it easier on the day.

Our almost-5-year-old friend spent a good hour and a half engrossed in her sewing. When all the others had gone off to play knights and dragons she took her sewing with her and told them all she was playing and that she was the queen who was sitting sewing in the palace.

A little girly bag for a little girl. I can't remember the last time I did a zip with a lining. Man, did it challenge my pregnancy affected brain cells.

Brendan's gift for Hannah- "the boat doesn't have a sail because the lightning struck it and the wind blew it away."
 Spot the waterfall too.
And Tadhg's sewing also for Hannah (with a little help from mama to make a yellow 7)

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jo said...

wow this sewing is amazing. looks fun. Isla likes skirts just like that one... hint hint hint.... xxxxxx