Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday Skiing

With winter setting in we were thinking more about getting out and enjoying it. One family we've met through volunteer head lice checking duty at the boys' school are members of Nakkertok Ski Club and it sounded great when they told us about it. It has a really good social/family environment and their philosophy regarding the Learn-to-Ski program and kids is excellent. In a nutshell, it is all about moving and playing and not so much about talking.
While the kids are taking their lesson, I volunteer by teaching an adult class. I have six skiers ranging is skills but it has been a lot of fun. This is me with the Peaceful Polar Bears. 

Here is Brendan just behind the sign with his class of "Barking Beavers". Although it is a bit of a struggle to get out the door, the boys love it once they see their friends and start skiing.

As mentioned earlier, it is all about moving, keeping busy and playing. Something which suits Tadhg as this is what he does anyway, all the time!

Hard to believe but this is Tadhg (second one in from the left) and the rest of the "Parading Penguins" class looking all orderly and calm.

Catching snow flakes in between activities... I think.

This is the Parading Penguins heading out across the Stadium.

The boys on skis. Our new family activity. I'll have to ask my Mom and Dad what Scott and I were like as kids skiing at the end of St-Regis street. All I can remember is the fun part of going up and down the hills.

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jo said...

I love reading these glimpses into your life! It sounds such fun.