Monday, March 5, 2012


While Tadhg and I were in the bath, baking cakes and cookies with imaginary ingredients and kitchen equipment, Brendan concentrated hard on building the Tintin ship the "Unicorn" out of lego. They have seen the movie (whether or not that was wise is a topic for another day) and Brendan had decided he wanted to act it out.

He asked Tadhg and I to do a show with him. "Actually, mum, it's really a play but I'm going to call it a show."

We spent a good few minutes trying to convince Tadhg to defer to Brendan in the role of director, this being very hard for Tadhg to do as he has a pretty strong idea of how things should be done.

B pleaded, "Can you be the artist and paint a picture of me, I mean tintin, I mean me, I'll sit here, please Tadhg, please..."

Once T understood, he said "oh, ok" and 'painted' a picture of Tintin in about 2 seconds flat. Brendan and I had just about given up when Tadhg seemed to 'get it' and embraced the part. I then sat in another corner of the room and watched the two of them perform the painting scene, Tadhg totally milking it and managing to stretch the scene out to about 4 minutes long. He improvised some small talk and Brendan played along. It was so awesome to watch. Hopefully I'll get a bit on video tomorrow.

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