Monday, March 5, 2012

bum bum pee pee

Today, in the car, Brendan started making up nonsense poems, along the lines of

dip dop clip clop
doo doo doo dop

no no bum bum
yum yo tum tum

So I joined in...

me me see me
dim dum bumble bee


me me me see
see me pee pee


muck muck yuck yuck
i like muck
like a duck

(Why muck? I have no idea- this was spontaneous, no thought at all, anyway, it goes on...)


muck muck fuck fuck
fuck muck
fuck duck

Well... I learned a couple of days ago not to react to this kind of thing. The other day when Tadhg snatched something, Brendan said "Tadhg, you're a little shit!" and I (rookie mistake, as Steve would say) reacted with an intake of breath or something similarly innocuous and that was it, he repeated the word 'shit' about a hundred times that day. 


jo said...

made me laugh out loud! xx

Naomi said...

You have just had myself and Sam in stitches reading this. Nxx