Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day Two on the Isle of Mull

Well, here we are on day two of our adventure and life is great. This was one of the first views we came to on our way towards the South-East.

While en route, we where getting pretty desperate for fuel.The petrol station in Salen was closed and the pumps in Craignure where broken. Regardless, we still had just enough fuel to get a few stops in before heading North for fuel. The first stop was at a Mausoleum for the late MGen Lachlan MacQuarrie, the father of Australia (1761-1824). I just wanted to highlight the dates. History is amazing.

This is Brendan on top of the rental car having a look at the ferry boat and the castle which we are heading towards.

The MacLean's of Duart Castle was closd for the season but we still had fun walking outside it. I think this is Tadhg trying to figure out where the powder and flint goes. I didn't know Paul came from money $$$$$.

There was a nice little path which went down to the shoreline from the castle and as usual... the boys, a bunch of rocks and water.... heaven!

Thanks Paddy for all the help. Yet again you've spoiled Brendan and Tadhg with love and attention. After the castle, we stopped in at the Craignure Hotel to have a swim. It was a great little pool except for the fact that the chlorine levels were way too high. And warning for Siobhan, Tadhg is even more fearless when it comes to water (FYI).

We headed back to Tobermory for petrol and a nice pub lunch. The sun was out and the waterfront was bursting with colour compared to yesterday.

Once we where done with Tobermory, we head back towards home and stopped off at Calgary beach. Not my fault. The boys wanted to run in the water and there was nothing I could do. Honest! Oh well, at least we all fun getting wet.

This is the boys and I on our way back to the car to get warmed up and head home for the night.

And finally, here's Tadhg playing in one of the box beds in the living room while I cooked up a cottage pie for supper.

As a last note, some of the wildlife we came across during our travels on the Isle of Mull where; cows, sheep, an owl hovering along side the car as we drove, a sheep dog in the middle of nowhere looking for its herd, an eagle, falcons, cranes, rabbits, a mouse, a nice stag, a baby doe, oh and the prize... we saw a falcon lift of with a field mouse or something in its talons.

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