Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Markets & Autumn BBQs

With the festive season quickly approaching, we attended our first Christmas Market of the year on base at SHAPE. Siobhan had a chance to start our gift shopping at the annual Canadian Christmas Market

This is a picture of Brendan colouring in his airplane while waiting for a late morning snack. Lately, Brendan has become very creative when it comes to arts and crafts. As for our snack, we had poutine. Yup, you read correctly, they had a local 'frite trailer' at the market selling a good old fashion Quebec Poutine (albeit a mediocre attempt). None the less, it was a nice reminder of Canada.

After the Market, we went to a co-workers house for a wonder BBQ.


Before Eduardo had a chance to say hello to the boys, Brendan & Tadhg both had their clothes off and were enjoying playing by the pool.

By the end of the day, Tadhg was determined to get in the pool and have a splash around. Even Eduardo joined in. Although I don't care for flying an imitation mahogany desk (as mentioned in a previous blog), one thing I do love about my job is the international environment. In the picture about, there is a Slovakian, American, Portuguese,  Latvian and Greek... all of whom I get to work with every day.

I don't think Siobhan was very impressed with 'me' allowing Tadhg to go for a cool dip in the pool. On a positive note, at least she got a nice long cuddle with her little man in an attempt to warm him up.

And, on orders from the wife, she wanted to set the record straight. These pictures were taken in November in Belgium, not the Seychelles, where the daily high was about 10 degrees Celsius. Silly husband!!!!

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