Thursday, September 1, 2011

fun new space

A little bit of furniture moving brightened my day yesterday. Even though I haven't been a student for many years now I still think of September as the beginning of a new year, and get a kick out of the chance for a fresh start at whatever it is we're up to. Usually this might just involve a quick tidy up and a list writing session, but this year it felt more like the feverish "nesting" type activity before having a baby. Mind you, I don't need a big excuse to move furniture, I would do it every week if I had a little more time.
So here's the new play space. I wanted to put all the kid stuff together in one area of the room, all in preparation for the new school term and our afternoons (and some days no doubt) being spent together at home.

We've been trying something new for the past week. When the boys aren't looking I dig out four or five different activities and put them on one of the windowsills. I make sure the selection includes a variety... games to play together or alone, creative activities of all sorts, open ended toys that they can do with as they like, dressing up props, stories, dolls, pictures to make up stories, musical instruments or a cd, random miscellaneous items, and once I put a dvd up there hoping they would choose it so I could do something (can't remember what) but they DIDN'T choose it! Wow, that has to be a first.
It seems kind of "schoolish" and not what I'd normally go for but we all like the ritual of gathering on the rug, talking about how it's windowsill time and going over to choose something.

I also managed to be a bit ruthless and add a few more things to the charity shop box. Even some of my mum's and granny's bits and pieces that I was hanging on to for no particular reason. It felt quite liberating. Hopefully a lot more will follow and a few more boxes will be filled. Although these shelves are destined to be cluttered forever, at least it looks a bit better. And more colourful.

We also had some fun on the patio the other day. I joined Pinterest recently, a virtual pin board that I may or may not find addictive helpful, but it inspired me to move the sofa outside on a whim. Why not? So I curled up on it with a bright wool blanket and a magazine and the boys were content to play in the garden and leave me in peace for about an hour!

We then had a lovely but simple pasta supper outside. Here's a picture of Tadhg eating the parmesan faster than Brendan can grate it.

So a good week and a great start to the new year. So that's done. Now I have to pack for Italy before we leave in about 3o odd hours for a week's holiday. Beach, art, walking, driving, eating, Roman stuff, swimming pool and hopefully some Paddy time.

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