Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild Weather

We've had some really wild weather this week. Yesterday, Tadhg and I went out after supper for a walk along the closest road to our house that gets any sort of elevation and has a decent view of the sky. We ventured into a corn field, not for long though, who knows what has been sprayed on there!? :(

The sky was spectacular, I must get my 'proper' camera charged up and try to get some better photos of the clouds.

This photo below was actually taken at 2 in the morning by Steve. He was trying to catch some clear "fork" lightning but didn't quite manage. The following morning another storm passed through at 9am and it was so dark it felt like late evening. Tadhg says "no need dat fumber noise"...he uses "need" instead of "want" or "like" a lot these days.

And interspersed with the stormy weather we've had some lovely sunny periods. Yesterday it brightened up in the afternoon so, despite a rather rainy, grumpy morning all round, by the time Steve came home from work we were all outside in the veggie patch. Summer evenings spent in the garden have to be one of the highlights of this year. It's such a peaceful time when we all feel truly relaxed and content.

I have quite a few blog posts in draft form waiting to be finished- most are either pictures or words but none complete. I'll try to get a bunch of them published in the next few days so there may be a glut.

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