Monday, August 29, 2011

Our first egg!!

Our very first egg was laid this morning! This will hopefully be the first of many and was a very exciting moment in our house, and I think it's safe to say that Steve and I were even more excited than the boys:)

We took it straight in and fried it up to share. Brendan was a little concerned about it's small size but I assured him that they will get bigger once the hen gets into the swing of things. I hope I was right there because I really haven't a clue.

This is sort of a symbolic event and a big deal for us. At a time when we are slowly moving towards a more simple and earth friendly way of living our lives, these first eggs just put us more firmly on that track. And tomorrow Steve and I will learn how to kill and prepare our own chickens. I'm half thinking that once we've eaten the first one, we should just never eat a bought chicken again... but maybe we're not quite ready for that. Buying local, free range chickens will do for now, until we have more space to keep some more in a few years time.

Need to find some new egg recipes now!

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