Friday, July 15, 2011

Uncle Paddy

Brendan and Tadhg love having Uncle Paddy here. And he's been great help, when he isn't sleeping. He's working in the Irish Bar in Mons and seems to be enjoying it, despite the all nighters and lack of sleep. The money is good and he has someone else paying his rent in Glasgow so he's saving a bit for his forthcoming trip to Greece and Italy.

Here they are watching a movie.

On a walk in the woods. We had to wait by the train tracks for the next train.

The huge crater in Bois de Ghlin- we don't know how it formed but we have a couple of theories. When googling in french, it's very hard to zoom in on the exact information you are looking for!

Paddy staying up late to build with lego. Such fun when you haven't done it for years.

Uncle Paddy will be missed when he goes :(

He's also a handy babysitter:) Steve and I are off out tonight on a surprise date. (Surprise for him that is, my idea.)

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