Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garden Update

Yesterday was a 'significant' afternoon for us. It was the first time we had used several different vegetables from the garden to make our supper and not just one or two types of vegetables as a side dish or ingredients.

So here was the menu... Siobhan and the boys picked 5 ears of corn which we ate off the cob and were delicious. Tadhg sneakily picked some green tomatoes when he was supposed to be watering so I found a recipe for fried green tomatoes. Siobhan harvested our first kohlrabi and whipped up a white sauce. And the main dish was vegetable rissoles made with onions and courgette with a little carrot and potato from the cupboard. There might be potatoes soon but the carrots are still no bigger than a crayon.

Here's a picture from last week. Finally, all our effort is starting to pay off.

A few of Siobhan's notes from the garden...

-grow courgette (zucchini) again, it's wonderful and they taste great raw in salads.
-find out how to grow salad leaves without a bitter taste.
-the rooster is crowing in the mornings, he'd better not get too much louder or he might make it back onto the dispatch list.
-find summer squash recipe ideas- there is a distinct glut in the kitchen supplies here.
-and start giving them away
-get more jars, there are going to be seriously huge numbers of tomatoes soon (we have about 25 plants)
-buy bottled water (arghhh) or try sterilizing jars in the oven- the amount of calcium in the water is beyond belief (not that we mind, we drink it, but it sticks to the jars and looks horrid)
-next time pay attention to avoid planting bush beans for a tipi, you can't just will them to grow upwards.
-don't discard squash plants with broken stems- I discarded one when transplanting but experimented with a second and just stuck the two ends together and planted it deep- it's now the strongest and most productive of the lot!

All these strawberries are not from our garden, surprisingly enough, but from a local farm. We made two batches of jam and frooze the remainding strawberries. After processing/canning, we made 15 jars.

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