Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visitors From The UK Part II

Bernadette, Lucy and Aisling arrived on the new direct flight from Gatwick to Fredericton.

Just realised I haven't posted this yet- it is so hard to keep these things up to date!
We had a great time with Bernadette, Lucy and Aisling. Highlights included lots of boating- Lucy got the hang of waterskiing and they both had fun being towed along on the tube. I wasn't there but they tell a story of Steve taking them, barefoot, into a swamp where they were attacked by a million, huge, ferocious, man-eating mosquitoes which took chunks out of them and made them itch for weeks!We also went to the market, swam in the pool a lot, enjoyed the sun (the weather was a hundred times better than the month before when A-M and C were here. We went to a couple of parties which was interesting- gave them a chance to meet some Canadians.

It is just interesting to see/hear other people's perspective on what is similar and different between here and the UK. I meant to keep a record of all the things I noticed when we first moved here but never got around to it. It's amazing how quickly many of those things become unnoticeable and you just adapt. We still may write a list sometime, for fun. Having spent over 3 years in the UK Steve is just as aware of the differences as I am. We laugh at stuff regularly:)

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