Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Summer Of CISV Activities

Well, July was a really busy month when it came to CISV. There where 3 main events which proved to be very interesting.

The first was the CISV Village which was held at Magaguadavic Lake. The pre-camp preparations inlcuded Steve's help with the set up of the Army modular tentage and terrain upkeep (what?-ed.) while Siobhan helped with the arts and crafts cabin. Even Brendan got to help out by attempting to drive the front loader. There were kids and leaders from 12 different countries. The Camp itself was an excellent venue for the kids. There was a beautiful white sandy beach with an onshore breeze which took the edge of the blazing sun. Mid-way through the camp, there was an open house where each group presented their country through information stands, skits and songs. It was a lot of fun and interesting watching all the kids.

Upon completion of the open house, this is when our second event took place, Siobhan, Brendan and I got to host 2 kids from the Camp, both 11 years old. They were Mustafa from Turkey and Mathias from Sweden. From Friday to Sunday, the boys where kept busy swimming, boating, going to the Farmers' Market, Science East as well as bowling and video games at Kingswood.

The last big event which was the most intensive for Siobhan was the local Fredericton CISV and MCAF mini-camp. Siobhan hosted 16 kids for 4 days at Greer Creek Lodge with Catherine, her assistant. The 4 days were packed with loads of activities, swimming and discussions along with all the chores of cooking and cleaning. Brendan even took part in the 4 day event and loved every minute of it. As for me, I helped out on the first and last night.
(Should we record Brendan's close call with calamity? He "escaped" (out the front door which was left open) and headed straight for the water. A good ten minutes after seeing him last I noticed he was missing and ran straight for the water too, yelling at the others to search the lodge and around. But there he was, standing right on the water's edge, happily throwing rocks in, minding his own business and enjoying the sunshine. Anyway, I cried and cried and have never loved him so much!)

Anyhow, a busy month which lead us into a busy, busy summer.

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