Monday, January 28, 2008


We went skiing the other day at Crabbe Mountain. You drive towards it on fairly flat land looking around for a mountain and thinking it must be a tiny ski hill as there are certainly no mountains around and then suddenly you are in the car park. Once you hit the slopes you realise you have started near the top and you approached and parked on one side and on the other the land drops away to reveal a decent hill (still not quite a mountain) with some pretty good runs on it. 22 runs and 2 tows and a 4 person chairlift. Not bad. The snow was beautiful and powdery, the day was bright and sunny and not too cold. A few scary narrow runs through the trees.
Brendan came to and went into the creche for an hour then Steve and I took turns for a bit. So I got a total of 2 and a half hours skiing and then left with B to visit some friends and Steve stayed with our friend Ryan and skied for a total of 5 hours. All in all a great day.
Skiing was followed by two visits to friends' houses then a "Viva Las Vegas" party which entailed a bit of snacking, drinking and lots of gambling. I never want to go to a real casino involving real money with Steve- he is way too reckless with his money! (Although I didn't do much better)
Looking forward to Eimear arriving tonight. At least we hope so- we are in for some bad weather so there may be delays but hopefully not for too long. She is on her way and has been diverted to Ottawa instead of Halifax but has been upgraded to first class for her trouble- not too bad!

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