Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brendan's first birthday.

16 adults, 7 babies, 3 children, 2 parents and the birthday boy! Busy birthday party. Chocolate cake all over the place. We made three different types of soup- leek and potato, carrot and parsnip and chorizo and bean- and nearly finished them all. There were presents and cards, toys everywhere, food everywhere... Everyone loved Brendan's biggest and best present- his play table made by his daddy.
It has been a long day so we are going to rest now. Here's a video, no sound unfortunately but you get the idea- singing happy birthday and clapping.

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Tommy said...

Oh Boy ! When Brendan could reach the cake it didn't him long to find his mouth with a piece. Glad to hear he had a great day and such a great party.
Luv Granny & Grandad