Sunday, March 8, 2015

Together again in a new house!

The backlog on here has paralysed me for too long! I'm just going to start posting again and work on filling the gaps over time. 
We're more or less settled in our new rented house in Toronto. It's only a short stay, about 6 months in total, but we have decided to unpack absolutely everything and engage in a serious bit of purging.
 We're not putting much on the walls to minimize the repair work when we leave, and some things are staying in the basement so it is not as cluttered as our houses usually are. At least not yet. 
We're trying a new thing... Biggest telly upstairs in the main living room of this bungalow, with downstairs reserved for play and mess. It's working so far, I think it means less screen time overall. Although I will post at some point on the computer game saga. 

This house is much brighter than our last, which I am loving! I think the amount of daylight that gets in has to go up near the top of the priorty list for future houses again, the last one was way too dark. 

Since the main purpose of this blog is to provide us with lovely printed books in lieu of photo albums I will be adding more photos as the house is tidied. 
And filling in the big gaping holes over the last year and a bit!! Paddy reminded me recently he hasn't even seen our Costa Rica and Nicaragua photos! 

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