Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shenanigans in the back yard

I was asked not to look for a while. I snuck a peek and snapped a picture of the three of them working together on something. These moments when the boys are collaborating beautifully and Araliya is watching and absorbing and learning and her big brothers are including her, well, they just make me pause for a second to smile and take it in (and then occasionally I rush for my camera!) 

This is the view from our back door, above, and then a few minutes later from the kitchen window. 

 I was soon handed a map and used it to find my very own treasure! It might just be a ball of sandy plasticine (and daddy might have something to say about the hole in the lawn) but the excitement was palpable and infectious! 

Now I have a few minutes to write this while they work on setting up a new treasure seeking adventure. 


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