Monday, October 22, 2012


Posts discussing topics such as this are a little harder to write these days, given that we sometimes read through them together with the boys and thus have to be mindful of their feelings. But what imaginations these boys have! I love it.
With little encouragement from us, Brendan has developed a fascination with the tooth fairy. I'm thankful for his determination to draw me out on it because I was really being a bit boring and uninterested. Through his curious questioning we have together worked out quite a detailed idea of this fairy and her business. I don't know why she's a girl, but Brendan has run with it and actually left her a lego man under his pillow so that she'd "have a man to dance with because he is about the right size". Apparently he'll come to life when he meets her because she is magical.

When the tooth fairy came she left a note and signed her name "Stella" and generously left a $5 bill. I suppose she had absolutely no loonies or toonies (1 or 2 dollar coins for you non-Canadians) that night.

Here is his letter in reply...

DeAr, StellA,
My {drawing of a tooth} is rely, rely 
specal, aND The, DollaRs 
That, you, giv, to
, me, R, great,
for, me, Becos,
I, cAN, sAvev, it,
for, loTs, of,
{drawing of a flower}

Here's the only picture of the tooth gap so far. There is a better one on my phone but I don't know how to get photos off the phone yet. It's on the to do list.

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