Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Taxis & Three Trains Later.......

Well here we are in Glasgow, two taxis and three trains later. With less than a few weeks before we depart for Canada, we hade to use up some of my vacation days from work. So, in our usual way of packing in way too much, we booked a multi-purpose trip through Scotland and Slovenia. Our trip started with the taxi and train journey to Glasgow. From the house we grabbed a taxi to the Mons train station where we scooted up to Brussels. Jumped onto the Eurostar to travel under the Channel to London. Walked to Euston Station and boarded the Caledonian Sleeper which runs over night. One we got off the train at Glasgow Central, we grabbed one more taxi in order for us to pick up the hire car and just like that, we rang Uncle Paddy's doorbell 16hrs later. Once in Glasgow, Siobhan and Paddy got to packing up his flat and I took the boys to Loch Lomond for some rock throwing into the lake, the Sea Life centre and finally an indoor soft play for play, snacks and milkshakes. By that point, we where all together (Siobhan, the boys, Caitlin and I) before Paddy and I want to go and watch the footie (ITA vs DEU) at the pub. Just a bunch of words so we'll try to add some pictures soon. Time for Paddy's graduation in a few hours.


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