Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First camping trip of the year

The weather forecast wasn't very promising but we decided to go anyway. Steve was camping in Jasper, Alberta, while over that way for work, so Brendan and I packed up and headed to Mactacquac on our own for a bit of nature and to soak up the springtime vibe. It really was beautiful weather on the first day and we enjoyed playing at the edge of the lake, exploring in the woods and running around in the grass. We met up with four other families, only one of which we'd met before. Caroline and Ian are a couple we met last year- from France and England respectively. They have two children, Amandine,5 and Louis, 19 months. We get on particularly well because we have similar ideas about raising children. Brendan and Louis spent much of the time running around without nappies on while the other 3 toddlers there were either strapped in their buggies or watched so closely they couldn't get more than a few feet away. It was a lot of fun and made easier because everyone watched each other's children as they ran around and occasionally got too close to the fire. At one point though, I decided to follow Brendan covertly, hiding behind trees, just to see how far he would walk before he turned to look. I wondered if he would realise he was a long way from home and how he would react. Well, we got at least 200 metres (no exaggeration- I paced the return journey) before he even looked around. Unfortunately my timing was off and he immediately spotted me running for a tree trunk, laughed at me, then turned away and started to run! So I still don't know if it would have upset him to find himself alone. All that little adventure showed him was that I'll always be right behind him- good and bad I suppose.

Just snapped this pic to show you the current hair situation. A proper hair cut has been due for weeks now but this morning I got fed up of seeing his hair sticking in his eyes so I took a pair of scissors to his fringe as he ate his breakfast. Well now we'll just HAVE to go to the hairdressers ASAP. He looks ridiculous! Sorry Brendan.

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